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Chief Keef's legal woes continue to grow.  The "Chicago Tribune" says the rapper is wanted by Miami-Dade police for allegedly missing a court hearing.  Apparently, while celebrating his 17th birthday last August in Miami Beach, Chief Keef - born Keith Cozart, was pulled over by police and allegedly caught with two baggies of marijuana.  He was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and ordered to appear in court on January 23rd. 

However, when the date rolled around, the rapper was serving three months in a Chicago jail for violating his probation from a previous gun charge.  The judge issued an arrest warrant, which will be served if the rapper is stopped by Miami Beach police again.  

Meantime, Chief Keef's manager Rovan Manuel says the rapper isn't worried about his recent legal problems.  Earlier this week, Chief Keef was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of trespassing shortly after pleading guilty to a previous speeding charge.  While Manuel says Chief Keef is a little upset about the legal heat, he insists the rapper isn't the type of person that really worries.

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