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Kelly Rowland has a lot on her plate as a judge and mentor on this season of The X Factor.

The sexy singer has been bringing her A-game when it comes to style and sass on the singing competition show and her mentee, Jeff Gutt, just stole a spot in the show’s final round.

This week, she took a break from her hectic schedule to stop by The Arsenio Hall Show.  There, she dodged engagement rumor questions with grace and spoke candidly about the constant comparisons to her BFF, Beyonce. 

When asked about the sparkler she has been spotted rocking lately, she wasn’t phased at all.

“You know what I will say? I am VERY happy,” she said. “And I believe in black love, man.”

She also spoke on being referred to as “perfect” and her true feelings on following in Beyonce’s footsteps. Hint: she’s not.

“You should want your own path. I don’t want my sister’s path. I don’t want nobody else’s path. I want my own,” she said. “But it took me a long time to figure that out but the rest of the world is telling me something and I’m like, ‘Umm’. I had to figure it out on my own. I like my path. I got a damn good path. God knows what he’s doing.”

Check out the clip, below.