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(Yahoo!) - Rick Ross uses his own mortality as inspiration for his video for his song "Nobody," a remake of Notorious B.I.G.'s "You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)."

Rick's dramatic clip opens with a woman calling to report a drive-by shooting, a reference to a January 2013 murder plot against the rap star. (*Warning: Explicit language)

Similar to Notorious Big's original from his 1996 album Life After Death, the song opens with words from Diddy. On Biggie's version, Diddy says a prayer. But for "Nobody" he offers a pep talk to his protégés, rattling off fiery motivational rants like, "I'm trying to push you to supreme being."

French Montana follows Big's lead for the chorus, offering a complimentary sing-song delivery, "Mama's trying to save me, she don't know I'm trying to save us."

Ross, who adopts his slow-paced Biggie flow, raps about his envious lifestyle and cause to watch his back.

The Feds watch hidden camera footage of Diddy's lectures, Ross endures police questioning, and the camera pan a cemetery. The final scene reveals a decapitated man's body lying in a ditch as the mysterious man featured throughout the video walks off into the darkness.