That time I almost got struck by lightening! 🤷‍♂️

This story is crazy but it's true! I know I'm not the only one who was awakened this past Sunday morning by the loud strikes of lightning and bad weather. It was wild! I thought I would have to seek shelter in my own house! lol The pounding roar of thunder and flashing strikes of lightning took my memory back to the one time when I was younger and I was almost STRUCK BY LIGHTNING! Let me set up the scenario...

Back in the day I had a summer job working for the ICEE of Atlanta drink stand inside of Six Flags Over Georgia. Cool job, free slushies and pretzels, it was great. However, on one particular night a very bad storm came over the theme park right at closing time. Strong winds, flooding rain and constant strikes of lightning! During closing time two workers are responsible for cleaning the drink stand, counting inventory and taking the final money count back to the Six Flags office. This night was my time to do so....

So it's me and a female coworker closing the drink stand. Out of courtesy for her I volunteered to take the money bag to the office which is on the OTHER SIDE of the theme park. It's raining dogs, cats, gorillas, monkeys everything outside and I'm totally unprepared. I don't have an umbrella or a jacket, just me in a work polo shirt and some khaki pants. This is the pre-cellphone era so I don't have a way of contacting anyone. I couldn't wait out the storm because park was closing and I could be trapped inside Six Flags, also my sister was waiting to give me a ride home outside the park. My only option was to man up against the storm.

I took a large trash bag and poked a hole in the top to put over my body. My arms and the money bag were inside the trash bag, the only thing exposed was my head. My goal was to run as fast as I could across the theme park and to the office. In my mind I was ready. I had no other choice. I locked up the drink stand and burst out running. I probably got about 20ft away from the stand when BOOM! Everything was white! The brightest flash of light I've ever seen! It had to last for about 5 seconds followed by the LOUDEST crack of thunder you can imagine. As I come back to my senses I'm on the ground. I had fell! I'm in the area of the park next to the nurse's office and the lost and found. If you're familiar with Six Flags you'll know that there is a small hill/slope on the walkway. When I fell, the trash bag I was wearing made me slide uncontrollably across the ground. I'm laying there soaked and shaken up trying to figure what just happened. I was not directly hit but the lightning had to strike just a few feet away from me. I was confused and almost brought to tears. I felt helpless lol! I regained my composure and continued to head to the office and my way home. I felt defeated, even my run had downgraded to a nice jog. Long story short I made it to my destination but that is one experience I will never EVER forget.

Be careful out there folks! Yes it is very much possible to be struck my lightning even with one in a million chances. Luckily it wasn't my time and I'm still here to talk about it! lol

Thanks for reading!

Be Blessed, Not Stressed... Be Easy, Not Greasy



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