Skooly was trending (My Thoughts on the Matter)

This picture should look familiar yesterday it was trending on twitter with the caption " Who the best Crip Rapper". Skooly quickly became a trend. However Skooly is talented. He has been around for a while. The energy folks used on social media to say he better than Lil Baby and Roddy Rich is the energy folks need to support his music because compared to Lil Baby and Roddy Rich success Skooly is nobody. Young Thug, Gunna, YFN Lucci, Lil Baby have all reached a level Skooly has not. He helped start a wave, but these other guys have surpassed and lap him. For whatever reason his style has not caught on to the world and he was afforded every oppurtunity, so as much as i like Skooly i can't agree with twitter on this one.