Red Sox Fans Troll Alex Rodriguez With Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Chants

Photo: Getty Images

It’s going to take some time for Alex Rodriguez to escape former flame Jennifer Lopez’s reignited romance with Ben Affleck and Boston Red Sox fans took advantage of an opportunity with the former Yankee player.

Earlier this week, social media users shared behind-the-scenes footage of the Fox postgame coverage for the Sox’s faceoff with the Houston Astros on Monday (October 18) and it was full of troll behavior. In one clip of the coverage of Game 3 of the American League Championship Series, the wild fans chanted “J.Lo” in unison, while another clip heard spectators chant Affleck’s last name in front of Rodriguez.

Rodriguez kept his cool amid the trolling as he spoke about the game during the broadcast, which saw the Red Sox take home the win. However, he’s, understandably, used to taking hate from Red Sox fans.

Rodriguez and Lopez split in April after a two-year engagement and it’s not surprising that the former had a hard time adjusting to her rebounding with Affleck. “Seeing her running straight back to Ben’s arms is a real kick in the teeth,” a source told Us Weekly at the time. “There’s a part of him that still clings onto the hope that they’ll wind up together again but deep down he’s had to accept the harsh truth that she’s over him and moving on with Ben. It’s a tough pill to swallow but that’s his new reality."

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