Yella Beezy Channels Cash Money & No Limit With 'Bad Azz Yella Boy' Mixtape

Yella Beezy

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Yella Beezy returns with his first solo project in three years. In preparation for his upcoming album, the Texas rapper delivers a fresh mixtape that pays homage to the era when Cash Money Records and No Limit had a chokehold on southern Hip-Hop.

On Friday, August 5, Yella Beezy drops his latest mixtape Bad Azz Yella Boy. His new project features 16 songs including new collaborations with Icewear Vezzo, Murda Beatz and Mozz. The title track is samples U.N.L.V's "Drag Em N Tha River" off their 1996 album Uptown 4 Life. Beezy says the mixtape's cover art was inspired by the classic designs Cash Money and No Limit used over two decades ago.

"It’s like a reboot of how Cash Money and No Limit… their covers used to be," Beezy tells iHeartRadio. "It was kinda inspired by that. I always wanted to do a cover like that. Since this is just a mixtape, I was like this is the perfect timing."

The album's title Bad Azz Yella Boy was based on the moniker Yella Boy of U.N.L.V. rapped about in "Drag Em N Tha River." The song, which was a diss track aimed at New Orleans rapper Mystikal, went on to inspire Juvenile's "Set It Off" off his 2001 album Project English. Beezy says Juvenile is his favorite rapper so he enjoyed making the mixtape's title track with his own rendition of the familiar sample. He also sees it as a tribute to Yella Boy, who was murdered in 1997.

"Yella Boy is just talking his s**t on there," Beezy says. "So I feel like, this tape right here, I’m really talking a lot of s**t on there."

Yella Beezy

Photo: Cam Kirk

The mixtape comes a few months after he dropped two other singles "Who Do" and "Talk My Sh*t." His previously released tracks don't appear on his new body of work, but they may end up on his upcoming album. Bad Azz Yella Boy also arrives after the rapper spent the past few months dealing with the aftermath of his arrest over allegations of sexual assault and child endangerment or abandonment. Since the charges were dropped back in June, Beezy has been focused on dropping more music.

"It’s just a breath of fresh air," Beezy says about the situation. "And now some b***h gonna walk around with that jacket on they back. This ain’t no out-of-court buyout or out-of-court agreement. This is exoneration. There are a lot of people who get put in that position that don’t even get to tell they side of the story. They just have that label on their back forever so I’m blessed. I’mma tell my side of the story."

"Where I'm from, it’s certain labels and certain jackets you don’t want to wear: a rapist, a pedophile and a snitch," he added. "We don’t associate ourselves with that type of s**t at all."

Bad Azz Yella Boy comes three years after dropping his Baccend Beezy project and two years after his collaborative effort with Trapboy Freddy I'm My Brother's Keeper. Listen to Yella Beezy's new mixtape below.


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