Troy Ave Talks Fatherhood, Masculinity, Loyalty, Freedom, New Music + More

Dropping off his new album "God Is Great Paper Straight" independently last week we were joined on The Breakfast Club this morning by none other than Troy Ave!

Originally pushing his album back in respect of the passing of Young Dolph, Troy opened up about people in the past trying to take his life away and now how he moves differently than he used to so he can protect himself and his family.

"I ain't gone front I move more dangerously and I move more militant, I don't be with 10, 8 people, I'm going to be with my security, he got his licensed firearm and on top of that I carry myself differently I try not to let my ego get involved, I feel like I'm growing up, I'm maturing as an adult so a lot of times you be like f--- this, I'm going to go head it's going to be lit, let my face be seen, but for what, you do it for free. In life, you got to have more value to yourself and other people will and most of us just don't in the Urban community we don't do that at all and you can see that by the risks we take going to places we shouldn't be. So it's like if you see the water filled with sharks you might get in that water and not get bit but it's a likely chance that you would get bit so why would you jump in that water, I'd jump in if there was a big bag involved. But that's the equivalent of the hood, people are hungry, their sharks, what I gotta hold myself to is that I'm in the middle of the ocean on a Yacht why would I jump off, if I was them I would probably try to do something to me to"

The rapper also spoke about his new relationship with God, being vulnerable, monogamy, jail changing his perspective on needing people + more!

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Troy Ave on iHeartRadio below...

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