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Florida's Covid Cases Dropping

Photo: Getty Images North America

Florida's COVID cases continue to decline.

The Florida Department of Health showed there were 10,629 new cases, down from 11,958 the previous week. The state's positivity rate was at 3.3%, a modest drop from 3.4% last week.

The state's total deaths is 37,555, as South Florida's vaccination rate is higher than the state's, with about 68% vaccinated in Miami-Dade, 63% in Broward, 66% in Monroe and 60% in Palm Beach.

In Minnesota, in COVID-19 hospitalizations, nearly every admitted patient is unvaccinated. In Ohio, only 2% of the COVID-19 patients admitted in the last month were vaccinated, and at Sanford Health, which runs 44 medical centers and more than 200 clinics across the Dakotas, Minnesota and Iowa, less than 5% of the 1,456 patients admitted with COVID-19 were fully vaccinated.

Falling rates of COVID-19 across the United States mask that the overwhelming majority of those being hospitalized are unvaccinated, while vaccinated patients are becoming rare.

Wyoming, Missouri, Arkansas and Idaho have the highest percentage of COVID-19 patients on average in their ICUs; those states all have vaccinated less than 40% of their population.

Medical centers found a change in the age of their sickest patients, as older people are more vaccinated than younger.

The message from health care workers is, they just aren't seeing many vaccinated people get sick.

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