96.3 Artist Spotlight: Jo3 H3nson

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Carlo Johnson, also known as "Jo3 h3nson" is an independent "Suthern R.A.P. Artist born, & raised in Albany, Ga. Jo3 h3nson is a derivative of his last name "Johnson." 

"I want my career, my art, & my success to represent where I came from, & what made me who I am, my family" 

He started pursuing a career in music at 12 yrs old after hearing Outkast's album "ATLiens." As a kid, Jo3 h3nson was an outcast, which was the catalyst to his need to express himself through music being that he felt as though he had so much to say, but no outlet to say it due to feeling like he didn't belong. At 13, he almost committed suicide due to the burden from the hardships & hurt he endured during that time in his life but it was DMX's song "Slippin" playing in the background while he was on the verge of taking his life, that spoke to him, & provided a much needed hope he had lost sight of, & stopped him from committing suicide that night. 

"DMX saved my life that night. I want my music to do for my listeners, what DMX's song did for me then...save them. Hopefully it won't have to literally, but I hope it can help in anyway they may need saving when they find themselves overwhelmed with the difficulties of life, & living" 

His musical influences, to name a few, are 2pac, DMX, Outkast, Eminem, Devin the Dude, N.E.R.D., Sade, Marvin Gaye, Daft Punk, & Prince. Sonically, his music is an eclectic blend of raw, conscious, thought-provoking lyricism in the form of introspection, & social commentary, backed by soulful melodies, rooted in spiritual ideologies, & comes from a very transparent, relatable place that bridges a connection to everyday listeners, living everyday life & dealing with everyday struggles. Jo3 h3nson creatively paints the picture of a dualistic human, both good & bad, in the pursuit of finding the meaning of life, his purpose in life, & a deeper connection with God, over a fusion of hip hop, jazz, alternative, r&b, & neo-soul instrumentation. Jo3 h3nson strives to push the envelope, as well as push a message of self-acceptance, love, spirituality, chasing your dreams, & the power of overcoming life's obstacles, & our own fears, in his music. His mantra, & mission statement "L.A.M.E." which is an acronym for "Living As Me Everyday" is a social movement to promote & encourage self-awareness, self-love, & redefining what's cool at a time where too few dare to be different, to fit in. Jo3 H3nson released his debut double album L.A.M.E. Oct. 18th, 2017, making it the first debut double album in the history of hip hop.

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