Lil Wayne Fans are Convinced that He is Engaged!

So, this little rumor has been swirling around that Lil Wayne is engaged to Australian, plus-size model, La'tecia Thomas. You may recall that Lil Wayne was with Dhea Sodana for close to 10 years. Their relationship came to end earlier this year. So, fans were shocked that he not only moved on so quickly but also got engaged. Now, this is all hearsay right now. Neither have confirmed anything.

Wayne fans believe this is true though because not only is La'tecia a regular commenter on Wayne's Instagram posts (with hearts) but she has recently been rocking an engagement ring. She did confirm that she is engaged, but did not confirm who she is engaged to. this enough evidence to believe that the two are engaged? I am going to go with no. What do you think?

Photo Credit: Getty Images