AZEALIA BANKS: Boils Dead Cat on Social Media

Hot Takes:

  • I guess the cat’s out of the bag.
  • It’s hard to take her music seriously when everything else she does is so provocative and outrageous.
  • We shouldn't be that surprised. This is the same person who was sacrificing chickens in her apartment as part of some sort of bruja ritual. 

Azealia Banks has done a lot of wild stuff in her career, but the latest stunt might take the cake.

She recently horrified fans when she dug up her dead cat, which passed back in 2020, and boiled its physical remains. She posted on social media, “Lucifer 2009-2020, My Dear kitty” alongside videos of the disturbing act. She wrote, “Thank you for everything… A legend. An icon. Forever a Serval serve.” She also posted a picture of the cat’s skull hanging on her wall. 

Here’s what people are saying about it on social media:

  • "Is Azealia Banks really digging up her dead cat and cooking it on Instagram right now?"
  • "Azealia Banks dug up her dead cat cooked it... I have no words, 2021 is not the year."
  • "I close Twitter for 3 hours and come back to Azealia Banks cooking her dead cat."
  • "Wow, Azealia made her cat into soup."